Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Killer Pesticide Endosulfan to be phased out globally

In May 2011, the nations of the world agreed to add endosulfan, an antiquated persistent insecticide, to the Stockholm Convention’s list of banned substances. Environmental health and justice organizations from around the world who have been working towards a ban welcomed the decision.

Read more here on the wecf website.

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  1. Any chemical excessive usage is bad - drink 10 bottles of pepsi and you will die soon

    Real story is - indosolphan is cheaper pesticide used worldwide - British company wants to sell their alternate formula which is 10 times expensive than indosulphon which only that company produces.

    They smartly bribed indian authorities to ban indosulphon and as india banned they are using this judgement to ban in other countries. After its ban - only thing that farmers will have to use is 10 times expensive pesticide.