Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade

Please find below the provisional agenda of the eighth CRC meeting in Geneva, 19-23 March 2012:

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Organizational matters:
  (a) Adoption of the agenda
  (b) organization of work
3. Review of the outcomes of the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention relevant to the Committee's work
4. Operational issues:
  (a) Rotation of the membership
  (b) Report on activities for effective participation in the Committee's work
  (c) Working procedures and policy guidance developed to facilitate the Committee's work
5. Technical work:
  (a) Report of the Bureau on the preliminary review of notifications
  (b) Review of notifications of final regulatory actions:
     (i)    Dicofol
     (ii)   Trichlorfon
  (c) Consideration of draft decision guidance documents:
     (i)    Pentabromodiphenyl ether commercial mixtures
     (ii)   Octabromodiphenyl ether commercial mixtures
     (iii)  Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, its salts and its precursor perfluooctane sulfonyl fluoride
     (iv)  Gramoxone Super
  (d) Review of the draft guidelines to assist parties in preparing notifications of final regulatory action
(6) Other matters
(7) Dates and venue of the Committee's ninth meeting
(8) Adoption of the report
(9) Closure of the meeting

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