Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Epidemiologists call COP 5 to list asbestos

ROCA intervention by Alexandra Caterbow:

Distinguished delegates, while we are locked here, the world outside is carefully watching what we are doing here. I will provide you with a message from the scientific world outside, that was just passed to all of us, and especially to the one that makes the decisions here.
 It is a tragic irony that one of the largest global conferences of epidemiologists - researchers studying the causes and prevention of disease - is taking place this very same week in Montreal, Canada. The meeting, organized by the leading professional associations in Canada and the United States, including the American College of Epidemiology, the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, the Society for Epidemiologic Research, and the Epidemiology section of the American Public Health Association, has attracted some 1.535 delegates.
 This morning, a large gathering of epidemiologists added their voice to the outrage against the obstruction of the listing of Asbestos under the Rotterdam convention.
 1.531 participants, to be exact, who are all highly recognized scientists from various countries including Canada, want the COP to know that, and I want to quote their message for all of you:
 Asbestos is a recognized cause of asbestosis, lung cancer, and of mesothelioma in particular. Highlighting these hazards and avoiding exposure is essential to end this cancer epidemic.
 We will distribute their message shortly to the delegates.

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