Tuesday, 28 June 2011

PAN congratulates COP 5 on listing endosulfan, aldicarb and alachlor and hopes on continuation with asbestos

PAN Intervention at COP 5 by Meriel Watts:

"Thank you Madam President.
Very briefly, Pesticide Action Network would like to congratulate the Conference of the Parties on finally listing endosulfan. It has been a long road, as it has travelled through both this Convention and the Stockholm Convention, but at last we have resolution. We also congratulate you on the listing of aldicarb and alachlor.
We hope the positive move with a chemical that became stuck at a pervious COP will - together with India’s willingness to move forward with chrysotile - lay the foundation for a new spirit of willingness by other parties at the next COP to finally list chrysotile asbestos, which clearly meets the scientific and legal requirements of the convention."


  1. Most of the comments seem to be on the politicians and counter arguments against the ban. Before raising the flag for any side think about your food and our health. Any thing that happens in the farming will reach our body. Farming practices should not be seen isolated from our food issues. So it is better to see the issue “whether theses chemicals are needed for our and our children's body or not?” Don't get boggled down with the argument of food scarcity and hunger. None of us are going to change our life style or reduce our consumption to eradicate the poverty or hunger either at globsl level or at local level. They are the worries of the system managers - the govt. and certainly not of yours. Let us try to focus on our self. Do we need these kinds of chemicals in our food stuffs?

  2. Any chemical excessive usage is bad - drink 10 bottles of pepsi and you will die soon

    Real story is - indosolphan is cheaper pesticide used worldwide - British company wants to sell their alternate formula which is 10 times expensive than indosulphon which only that company produces.

    They smartly bribed indian authorities to ban indosulphon and as india banned they are using this judgement to ban in other countries. After its ban - only thing that farmers will have to use is 10 times expensive pesticide.